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Enhanced Productivity at Every Level

OnTrak Solutions builds programs and solutions to manage risk and improve efficiencies, while creating a safer fleet through the integration of our telematics and analytical platforms. Our unique expertise and experience delivers customizable solutions which will rehabilitate your fleet and better coach your drivers as well as dramatically improve your risk profile. Combining GPS tracking, advanced management software, and on-road technology such as cloud-connected dash cams, OnTrak Solutions provides your business with driving insights superior to anything before possible, giving you the power to enhance operational productivity from fleet management to route efficiency and much more.

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Ontrak Solutions

OnTrak Solutions builds programs and solutions to manage risk and improve efficiencies, while creating a safer fleet through the integration of our telematics and analytical platforms.

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Types of Businesses That Benefit From Fleet Management Solutions

  • Commercial Trucking

  • Transit

  • Oil & Gas

  • Waste & Recycling

  • Construction

  • Government

  • Private Fleet & Distribution

  • Utilities & Services

Core Benefits of Our Fleet Management Solutions

With an increasing number of vehicles joining our roads to compete with space, the cost of insurance is escalating. Not only are costs rising, but risks are as well. Safety is a top priority important for fleets on the road today. To rise to those challenges, powerful video-based fleet management solutions can help promote a safer and more efficient driving experience. OnTrak Solutions is here to help you reduce and manage risks and improve efficiencies, all while creating a safer fleet by integrating our telematics and analytic platforms seamlessly into your fleet management process.

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The three primary components of our solutions are:

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Driver monitoring encourages ​behaviors that align with regulatory standards, which can reduce accidents and damage to vehicles and freight.

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With an ever increasing number of vehicles on the road today, real-time communication that connects you and your vehicles, offering rapid and precise insights​.

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40% of Out-Of-Service violations in 2019 were related to HOS Tracking. Mobile telematics improves compliance ​among fleets.

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Boost Your Bottom Line

Want to increase your fleet’s safety, efficiency, and compliance? From gathering all the data regarding a collision, ensuring compliance, having dash cams on all your vehicles is a smart thing to do, if you haven’t implemented it already. OnTrak Solutions takes that about ten steps further, combining the protections of dash cams and GPS tracking with management software that lets you manage your fleet in real time, all while helping you save money on insurance claims and other issues.

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Upgrade Your Fleet Management System & Save!

Are you a small or mid-sized business with a fleet of vehicles and would like to find out if OnTrak Solutions’ fleet safety technology is right for you? We’re more than happy to give you a free demonstration of how it all works, and how it would help your business operate more smoothly and provide improved protection on the road, for both drivers and your company. We’re confident our powerful, easy-to-use fleet management system can save you significant amounts of money, related to insurance claims, as well as by improving fleet efficiency.

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Our platform features all the data you need to make real-time decisions and have all the details you need right in front of you at all times.

Our software provides you with:

  • Visual maps of GPS tracking

  • Driving event notifications

  • An all-inclusive media center integrated with drivers’ dash cams

  • Maintenance tracking

  • And much, much more…

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A complete solution for all your fleet management needs

Our services can be integrated with other solutions you are implementing for fleet management, and are totally customizable to meet your business’s specific needs. Contact us to speak with a member of our team to learn more.

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