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Driver monitoring encourages ​behaviors that align with regulatory standards, which can reduce accidents and damage to vehicles and freight.

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With an ever increasing number of vehicles on the road today, real-time communication that connects you and your vehicles, offering rapid and precise insights​.

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40% of Out-Of-Service violations in 2019 were related to HOS Tracking. Mobile telematics improves compliance ​among fleets.

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Ontrak Solutions

OnTrak Solutions builds programs and solutions to manage risk and improve efficiencies, while creating a safer fleet through the integration of our telematics and analytical platforms.

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Our unique expertise and experience delivers customizable solutions which will rehabilitate your fleet and better coach your drivers as well as dramatically improve your risk profile.

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Here’s a look at some benefits that telematics technology can deliver for fleet management.

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With an increasing number of vehicles joining our roads to compete with space, the cost of insurance is escalating. Safety is most important for today's fleets. Powerful video-based fleet management solutions promote a safe and efficient driving experience.

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