Fleet Management Technology

Fleet Management Technology

Fleet Management Systems

OnTrak Solutions is offers commercial fleet vehicle management solutions. Our solutions include:

Based in New Jersey, our commercial fleet vehicle management solutions are proven to increase safety, improve productivity, help prevent accidents, and provide case-making data when working through an insurance claim. OnTrak Solutions provides businesses all around the country the vehicle telematics they need to achieve improved fleet management and asset operations, facilitating business growth while streamlining processes.

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Core Benefits

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Fleet Safety Technology for Future-Oriented Businesses

Every commercial operation with a fleet of trucks knows about the risks of the road. OnTrak Solutions is here to help you reduce and manage those risks and improve efficiencies, all while creating a safer fleet by integrating our telematics and analytic platforms seamlessly into your fleet management process. The three primary components of our solutions are:

  • GPS Tracking

  • Connected Dash Cams

  • Software

GPS Tracking

Why get GPS fleet management systems? It’s all about achieving one central goal: save business owners and managers time and money. GPS tracking empowers your business by:

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  • Increasing Performance and Profits — Collect data regarding vehicle efficiency and driver productivity, reducing overtime costs, driver down-time, and maintenance costs. GPS truck tracking data gives you the power to save thousands of dollars per employee every year.

  • Improving Fleet Operations — No longer will you need to rely on driver log sheets, truck maintenance records, and service forms — all data is tracked and presented in real-time, giving you the power to make rapid, informed decisions, as well as giving you the ability to do more jobs each day. The typical company sees a 25% average increase in work orders after implementing fleet GPS.

  • Reducing Insurance Costs & Liability — Did you know that most insurance companies offer a discount to businesses that use fleet GPS tracking devices on their vehicles? Having that data protects your business from frivolous lawsuits and can reduce your liability with accident and worker’s compensation claims.

  • Increasing Safety of Employees — By having automated records, fleet managers are able to access information about how a driver is driving, including speeding, idling, and other metrics. GPS location data can also be vital if an accident occurs for helping emergency assistance know precisely where the vehicle is located.

  • Reducing Maintenance Costs — A fleet management system gives you the vehicle condition information you need, so you can manage things like engine deterioration and when to replace tires when the vehicle needs it, reducing chances of more major repairs being necessary, which may happen had you waited till the next regular maintenance check.

  • Improving Customer Service — Real-time GPS tracking data gives dispatchers the tools they need to make routing and driver movement more efficient, allowing your fleet to reach customers faster.


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Cloud-Connected Dash Cameras with Video Telematics


Another important part of our fleet management solutions are dash cameras that are connected to the cloud and have video telematics. They are there to help protect you and your drivers from countless road issues experienced every day:

  • Insurance fraud

  • Conflicting reports after an accident

  • Speeding

  • Traffic violations

  • False/exaggerated whiplash claims

  • And more

Learn more about how our vehicle telematics can increase safety and reduce risk for you and your fleet drivers.

Powerful Software Bringing It All Together

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What really drives the value of utilizing OnTrak Solutions for managing your business’s fleets is the powerful, easy-to-use software we implement. Our platform features all the data you need to make real-time decisions and have all the details you need right in front of you at all times. Our software provides you with:

  • Visual maps of GPS tracking

  • Driving event notifications

  • An all-inclusive media center integrated with drivers’ dash cams

  • Maintenance tracking

  • And much, much more…

Learn more about our fleet management software. Want to see it in action for yourself? Contact us now to schedule a free demonstration.